Nấm mối đen – xerula radicata (LC – Liquid Culture)


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Sản xuất bởi: @nibbanav.

Đóng gói: Xi lanh 10ml.

Hạn Sử Dụng: 3 tháng.

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    Mô tả

    Scientific name:  Hymenopellis furfuracea (Peck) R. H. Petersen
    Derivation of name:  Furfur– means “bran” or “scurf” and refers to the texture of the stipe surface.
    Synonyms:  Oudemansiella radicata (Relhan) Singer, Xerula furfuracea (Peck) Redhead, Ginns, and Shoemaker
    Common name(s):   Rooted Collybia; Rooted Agaric; Rooted Oudemansiella.
    Phylum:   Basidiomycota
    Order:   Agaricales
    Family:   Physalacriaceae
    Occurrence on wood substrate:  Saprobic; solitary toseveral on and around deciduous stumps and trees or from buried wood; May through October.
    Dimensions:  Caps 2-15 cm wide; stipes 7.5-25 cm long above ground with an underground portion which can be just as long. Stipes 0.3-1 cm thick.
    Cap:  Dark brown to dark grayish-brown to yellow-brown; wrinkled near the center; slimy to tacky or moist; surface velvety at first, becoming smooth in age.
    Gills: Attached; white.
    Spore print: White.
    Stipe: Whitish near apex, brownish below due to covering of grayish to brownish scales or fibers; surface sometimes developing a “snakeskin” pattern.
    Veil: Absent.
    Edibility: Edible.